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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Shockingly High Cost of Living

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are undoubtedly the most discussed members, er, former members of the royal family. A few years ago, the pair made headlines for their whirlwind relationship, and early last year, they announced that they were leaving the family for good.

Until 2021, Harry’s father, the Prince of Wales, funded the majority of the costs related to their royal obligations – such as personnel and travel – through the Duchy of Cornwall. According to Forbes, this amounted to almost $800k per year. Before Frogmore Cottage became the royal family’s residence in the United Kingdom, the Crown spent over $3 million on repairs and renovation. They voluntarily returned the amount in September by contributing to the Sovereign Grant.

Freepik/ Telegraph | Back when they were still working royals, Meghan reportedly spent more than $1 million on clothes

Now that they have relocated to Montecito, California, they have redesigned themselves to better connect with the public. However, the couple’s absurdly expensive living expenses illustrate their lack of touch.

Harry said that the royal family cut him off financially

In March 2021, Harry told Oprah Winfrey that the royal family cut him off financially when he and Meghan “stepped aside” from their positions as senior royals.  Harry stated that he stopped getting financial assistance from his family in “the first quarter of 2020,” coinciding with the couple’s announcement that they were pursuing financial independence. According to King Charles’ financial report from 2021, the offices of Prince William and Kate Middleton remained “paid for from his royal highness’ own income.”

Apple TV/ YouTube | The former royals now live in a US$14.7 million nine-bedroom mega mansion in Montecito, Santa Barbara

Glimpse into their “new and expensive” life

Chandeliers, marble coffee tables, white linen curtains that billow, and a dish of alabaster eggs. From the looks of Harry and Meghan’s documentary series, Montecito, California, has not been affected by the cost of living problem. This wealthy seaside community in Santa Barbara is dubbed “The Beverly Hills of the North,” It is so exclusive that even former royals may not be able to purchase it in the near future.

When relocating from London, the pair nearly didn’t bother to seek a home in Montecito, which says a great deal about the area’s housing costs. Meghan stated in an interview, “Since we were unemployed, we had no intention of viewing this home.” It was not feasible.

Meghan’s personal expenses

Apple TV/ YouTube | Meghan and Harry also received US$30 million for a three-year podcasting deal with Spotify

Meghan Markle’s projected health and wellness expenses have been revealed; as it turns out, the Duchess of Sussex spends a whopping $50,127 on her lifestyle. According to reports, the former “Suits” actor has a well-planned health regimen that includes a nutritious diet, vitamins, and Megaforma supplements.

During an interview with Women’s Health, the Duchess stated that “your body transforms instantaneously” after a few lessons costing $1,012 for 12 individual sessions. Meghan also ttends $40 per session or $3,500 per year for Heartcore lessons.

According to her blog, she is a yoga enthusiast with a studio installed at Frogmore Cottage. According to The Chalkboard, she consumes magnesium, B-12 drops, and ashwagandha. While magnesium was also reported to cost $15 for 90 tablets, B-12 costs £18.99 for 60 doses, and ashwagandha costs $11 for 30 tablets.

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