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Robert Downey Jr.’s Original and Iconic Iron Man Suit Valued at $325,000 Got Stolen!

When we talk about Marvel, one of the first people that come to mind is the iconic hero, Iron Man. Iron Man started the whole Marvel craze that we’ve grown to love and patronize over the past years. However, it seems even our powerful superhero still needs some help since its original and iconic costume, the “Iron Man” suit, just got stolen! What’s worse, the suit carries an astounding $325,000 value in the market! Someone needs to call Jarvis to help us find and retrieve the treasure before it’s too late!

The Sudden Disappearance

The original maroon and gold suit which represented Iron Man or Tony Stark in Marvel was reported missing last Tuesday from the Movie Prop Storage. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the suit was taken between February and April 15, 2018. The authorities are looking into a burglary angle after the incident happened.

Robert Downey Jr (the actor who plays the role of Tony Stark) first wore the suit in Jon on Favreau’s 2008 tentpoles. The movie gained an astounding $585 million profit and dominated the box office worldwide.

Furthermore, the LAPD stated an employee just happened “to inspect” the warehouse last Tuesday when he discovered the costume was already gone. While the investigation is still taking place, it is still handled by the LAPD’s Foothill Division. They declined to comment who the owner of the house is. However, they disclose that no other items (other than the infamous suit) were reported missing.

MCU’s Global Success

Suffice to say that the said iconic suit is more than just legendary, considering that Iron Man was the first installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movies. As of this writing, MCU already produced 19 blockbuster films with 13 more already in the works.

The film franchise achieved over $16.4 billion gross profit in box offices worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing film franchises of all time. The franchise’s latest movie is the Avengers: Infinity War, which produced a gross net of over $1 billion worldwide in its first week.

The sequel to the Infinity War, which commonly referred to as The Avengers 4 (actual title still unannounced) is slated in 2019

In celebration of their tremendous success, the prominent actor also revealed that five out of the six Avengers cast got matching tattoos to celebrate their global success. The one who opted not to get a tattoo was the artist himself, Mark Ruffalo.

The said tattoo idea originated from Scarlett Johansson, where she and Chris Evans did it in New York City. Then, Josh Lord followed suit and flew to LA to do tattooing on Jeremy Renner, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. himself. And because of the Avenger’s hype, it seems the culprits (also known as supervillains), decided to steal Downey’s costume after its tremendous success.

Stolen Treasured Masterpieces

Marvel Studios relayed the questions pertaining to the missing suit to its mother company, Walt Disney Studios. However, Disney declined to comment on the said issue as of this writing. Moreover, this isn’t the first time a treasured masterpiece was stolen in Los Angeles. In 2001, the Action Comics No. 1 original copy was also stolen, along with Detective Comics No. 27. The said copies were stolen from the West Los Angeles home of another famous actor Nicholas Cage.

The stolen suit

Fortunately, the Superman comic volume copy was found last April 2011 in a San Fernando Valley storage locker. The value of the said comic amounted to $1.5 million at that time. However, the Batman’s debut issue is still unrecovered.

What’s worse, no one was arrested for these theft incidents so far. The LAPD suspected that these attempts of stealing Avenger’s supplies and weapons were triggered after it became a plot point for its previous Marvel movie last year, entitled the Spider-Man: Homecoming. While some Marvel fans suspected the Vulture may be the culprit behind the incident, the LAPD keeps mum about it.

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