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A Sagacious Career Advice From 3 Successful Global Personalities

In its Career Advice Series, LinkedIn interviewed four successful global personalities about their career success in 2016. The series aimed at understanding the success of these figures. Likewise, another prime objective of the series was to give the audience sagacious career advice to follow.

Kayla / Pexels / “You will sit with your dreams unless you don’t take risks.” Herb Brooks

From Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates and the United States Secretary of States Hillary Clinton to popular Bollywood icon Priyanka Chopra, the series presented their success stories. Here is the sagacious career advice from these successful global personalities.

“Economics, Science, and engineering are the agents of change. Make the most out of them.” Bill Gates

In the series, LinkedIn asked one of the richest men in the world about his road to success. “I have always been a keen believer in science, engineering, and economics,” the Microsoft CEO said. Referring to the global changes, Bill Gates said that change is inevitable. “Whether you like it or not, the world is swiftly changing,” he said. Nonetheless, he affirmed that engineering, economics, and science are “the agents of change.”

Furthermore, the Microsoft CEO asserted that he has trained himself to make the most out of these “agents of change.” He concluded with his final remarks, saying: “To the young generation, I would advise you to make the most out of these agents of change and let your career flourish.”

“Be yourself and accept your uniqueness with pride.” Priyanka Chopra

Popular Bollywood star, who is also proving herself in Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra has yet another sagacious career advice. “I have been constantly asked this question,” she said when Linkedin asked her about career advice.

“My answer has always been simple: Be yourself,” she said with an adorable smile. “People like me who come from a different country face difficulties in fitting in the culture,” she acknowledged. However, she encouraged everyone to accept that they are made in a unique way.

Priyanka Jonas / Instagram / “Being true to myself and believing in me are the hallmarks of my success.” Priyanka Chopra

“Do not feel discouraged around people who speak a different language and have a different skin color,” she advised. Priyanka further asserted saying: “Be yourself and accept your uniqueness with great pride. You are unique in your way. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.”

“Life is filled with opportunities. I advise everyone not to miss their opportunities.” Hillary Clinton

The former United States Secretary of State has got a realistic piece of career advice for all of us. “I was drowned in debt when I left law college,” the outspoken Democratic presidential candidate recalled during the interview with LinkedIn. “I wanted to get out of this college debt in any way possible,” she said with a great sense of satisfaction on her face.

Hillary Clinton / Twitter / Hillary Clinton was “drowned in debt” as she left her law college, she reveals in an interview with LinkedIn Career Advice Series.

Likewise, she went on to say “Life is difficult. But it presents opportunities to everyone to cope with the complexities of life.” Furthermore, she acknowledged that she was “fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work for the Children Defence Fund and save some money to get out of the college debt.” However, it is pertinent to mention here that Hillary also taught at the University of Arkansas Law School. “All these jobs were to pay back my college loans,” she concludes.

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