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See the Extravagant $50million Island David Copperfield Has For Himself


David Copperfield is famous for mind-blowing illusions that leave mouths open. There was a time he literally made the Statue of Liberty to disappear, and the list of his acts cannot be named all. However, his greatest feat may be the extravagant $50 million Island he got for himself.

The illusionist has been doing world tours and stint in Las Vegas, events that had ushered him in the league of millionaires.

Copperfield has a multimillion dollar real estate portfolio and gigantic collection of magic memorabilia that is replaceable.  He has been on the Forbes millionaires’ list for a long time.  In the near-future, he is poised to becoming a billionaire.  He has broken a lot of records including 11 Guinness World Records, 21 Emmy awards and many others.

The massive part of Copperfield’s money comes from his stint at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.  He is one of the hardest working celebrities and there are many things to show for his hard work.

His exotic island is something he can show off with when it comes to celebrities who own islands.  The more money the illusionist possesses, the more luxury stuffs he buys for himself.

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