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Have You Seen Jennifer Lawrence’s Low-Key Santa Monica Townhouse


Jennifer Lawrence has not been the glamorous celebrity until recently. The actress who has lived modestly for years before she packed into a mansion in 2014, once lived in a quaint townhouse. She had bought the house for a reported $879,000.  Don’t think that she went on to renovate the house to look gorgeous. Hell no! Lawrence didn’t do any serious work on the house despite her status and wealth.

The house was a far cry from glamour and opulence because it had only minimal décor and furnishings.  She was not expense in her lifestyle until she spent $8.2 million for Jessica Simpson’s old pad.

The actress got the house from someone after Simpson sold it for $6.4 million. Lawrence and Simpson were the not the only ones who had used the property. Ellen DeGeneres and Paul Hogan, and many others have used the property before Lawrence.

The 5,500 square feet property has six bathrooms, five bedrooms, a home gym, backyard pool, and outdoor courtyard .  The walled and gated home of Lawrence was built in 1991. When she moved in, she became a neighbor of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.

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