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The Story Of How Patty Duke Went From Nothing to Everything as Told by Her Book

The story of one time American famous actress Patty Duke according to her biography is one that will definitely inspire you. Contrary to being famous in America, she was actually born in the United Kingdom. Her family who went in search of a better life, moved on to America when she was just a child, and although Patty would eventually find the happiness that she craved for since her early days, the road wasn’t a smooth one.

She was taken in, away from her family, by her agents at a very tender age

At a point, she hated her family after having to live away from them when she was taken in to focus on her career. Along the line, she fell in love and got married at a very tender age of 19, with little experience about what marriage is. The union inevitable fell apart.

Writing Her Book

When she came up with the idea to write a book about herself, a lot of people felt that the idea was rather irrelevant since her life has always been quite public. However, the main reason why she thought is was a great idea was because most people were convinced her life journey had been quite smooth and easy for her.

The Book is titled “Call Me Anna” and it sure does bring another side of her life to the public’s eye.

A lot of her fans did not know her before the name Patty Duke

Victory at Last

Up until the point of her death a few years ago, she enjoyed a very happy life with a marriage that lasted decades and a wonderful relationship with her boys. Looking at the tough part of life she came from, it was really a fulfilled lifetime at the very end of it all.

Her Dear Sons

In her book, among many stories and personal touching thoughts, she also reveals how much her three sons contributed to her overall happiness in life, and seeing them become very successful in their various fields was a joy for her to behold, one of them named Sean even took after his mother in the acting field.

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