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Tiffany Haddish Reveals Shocking Details About Her Past

Journey Down Memory Lane

Tiffany Haddish is excited that she got to keep a personal promise she made herself years back when she was hungry and homeless.

Tiffany Haddish succeeded in fulfilling a heartwarming promise she made to herself several years ago

The comedienne and actress recently took to her Instagram page to share a throwback picture where she was performing standup. She captioned it writing that she wants to shed tears of joy for herself. Reminiscing on the events of that night, she said she remembered how hurt and scared she was.

She remembered promising herself that if she kept her faith in herself and God, she would get to a place where she would be housed, overfed, and less hurt. She added that she was grateful for believing in herself and happy about how far she had come while also expressing excitement about how far she would still go.

Haddish’s Educational Compromises

She continued by expressing profound love for herself and adding that God approved of her as well. In her memoir which she released in 2017 titled The Last Black Unicorn, she revealed how her grandmother sent her out of the house when she was just 18 years.

Haddish had to opt out of attending New York University because of financial difficulties

She noted that she was homeless after then and travelling around with plastic bins. The only option she had at the point was couch surfing at her friends’ houses. Haddish mentioned in the book that at that point, she had admission at New York University, however she couldn’t afford to go.

Left with no other option, she decided to go to Santa Monica Community College. She also had to get a job just so she could pay the tuition which was more affordable. She had started comedy from high school, but she had to temporarily put it on hold.

Rough Years

In her book, Haddish mentioned that not only did she grow up at her grandma’s house, there was also a time when she was in foster care. She was bullied, slapped, made to cook and also clean and even got exposed to a fair share of substance abuse.

Haddish recalls being bullied in her teen years

On a previous occasion, she said when she didn’t have a home and lived in her car, comedian, Kevin Hart handed her some cash to get somewhere to live for one week. According to her, they were working on a comedy show together. She noted that when Hart saw all her stuff in her car, he asked why she wasn’t living with a man.

Haddish had replied that she wasn’t that kind of person.  Hart found them really impressive and commended her for being so determined. She was sleeping in Beverly Hills in her car. She believed that if she was going to be homeless then it was going to be in the choicest area.  Down the line, Haddish and Hart got to work together on another project and they were co-stars in the movie titled Night School.

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