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That Tiny Home Christina Ricci Can’t Do With


Actress Christina Ricci didn’t have to spend a lot of money in her modest home in Los Angeles until 2014. She was so rich that she could afford any expensive home in Los Angeles with her worth that was a reported $18 million. Yet, she got a 1,891-square-foot home for $1,505,000 and it was a cheap home for her status.

Ricci didn’t care about what people have to say about her home until she decided to pack to her luxury mansion.  For her to sell off this Hollywood Hills property, she had to bring the price down so that people can buy it.

The house doesn’t fight for attention and size when it comes to the other mansions around it. However, the charm it exudes is something that endears many people to it.

Ricci bought the house in 2005 for $1.5 million and when she invested in the house, it turned out to be a dream home for many.  The actress had the home when she was still a child actor and with age and more money, she went in for a mansion that befits her status.

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