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Why Does Warren Buffet Live in a House Like This?

When you are a comfortable billionaire, there are things that are expected of you.  Lifestyle and standard of spending are raised for you because it is erroneously believed that the money you make, the more wasteful you should be. However, Warren Buffett has no business with being wasteful. He has been a smart businessman who knows how to spend every cent he makes.

Instead of spending billions on the house he lives, he only spent only a small fraction of his wealth on a normal house in Omaha, Nebraska.

His humble abode in Omaha’s quiet neighborhood was quite the investment. The investing powerhouse purchased the proerty in 1958 when it only cost him $31,500. Today, its value has soared up to $652,619, making the purchase one of the best investment decisions he has made over his career.


The house covers 6,570 square feet with two bathrooms, five bedrooms and a state of the art security system. Besides security camera and 24-7 protection, the home has high fences to make sure that no intruders are able to get inside. The Warrens are happy with the house and the money mogul has no plan of moving to a more extravagant home. The house is nothing compared to what some millionaires live, yet he is far richer than all of them.

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