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27 Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth – Can You Guess Who Is The Richest Celeb In America?

Idris Elba – $25 Million

In March 2020, Idris Elba was diagnosed with COVID-19 and had to be quarantined in his house. Thankfully, his $25 million fortune had bought him his own building in London! Idris has played in numerous high-grossing films, including Thor: Ragnarok and Star Trek Beyond. In 2019 he tied the knot with Sabrina Dhowre, who also tested positive with coronavirus. Thankfully they’ve both since recovered. Meanwhile, Idris is expected to play in the film called Three Thousand Years of Longing in 2020. He is now 47 years old, and currently, one of the highest-grossing actors in the States!

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