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Beautiful Expensive Celebrity Houses That Everyone Has Their Eyes On

If you have ever had any illusions that celebrities are just like you and me, you are about to let go of them. Before you are a list of the most lavish celebrity houses which include Prince Harry’s surprising new mega-mansion, John Travolta’s humble airfield, and many more. Well, since we’ve cleared that out, it’s time for us to show you some of the most luxurious pads out there, then make sure to stay with us until the end of the list. So, are you ready to be blown away?

Matt Lauer – $44.8 Million, Hamptons

Ever since he was let go from Today, Matt Lauer has been laying low. He did, however, try to sell the Strongheart Manor, which he had bought in 2016. Though he purchased it for $36.5 million, he tried selling it in 2019 for $44.8 million. There has been no news on whether he has succeeded yet. The six-acre property has a 14,000-square-foot interior spread between its different structures. The main house has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, while there are also two separate guest houses and a detached gym. With so many bedrooms and bathrooms, a swimming pool, and half a basketball court, no wonder why this house is so expensive!

Sean Connery – Undisclosed Price, Spain

If Sean Connery didn’t have a significant number of properties to his name, who would? After all, we are talking about one of the best-known actors that ever got to portray James Bond. Sometime in the ‘80s, he decided to buy a house in Marbella, Spain. He had to sell it in 1999 after being involved in a fraud, to which he was found not guilty later on. The house had an incredible backyard with a sitting area and a swimming pool. It was right next to a golfing course, which, at the time, was his favorite hobby.

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