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Celebs Caught Without Makeup Who Prove Cosmetics Are Just Another Way to Apply More Beauty To Their Faces

Cosmetics and at times Photoshop are celebrities’ best allies when facing the public eye. All of them have the power to completely transform a person’s face into something you might not even recognize in its natural state. Some celebs go as far as to have surgical procedures just to try and remain as beautiful and stunning as possible.

We’ve found some famous people though who, whether by their own doing or due to an invasion of the paparazzi, have been snapped in all their natural beauty. Read on to discover some of the most truly beautiful  (or not so much) women in Hollywood!

Lady Gaga – The Fame

Lady Gaga burst onto the scene as the eccentric musician we all know and love today. She’s shocked us on more than one occasion – nobody can forget the dress made out of meat after all. Given her unique style, it’s understandable that everyone got pretty shocked when her selfie without any makeup hit the Social Media.

She’s now working on her upcoming sixth studio album, as she revealed in March 2019. Apparently, some of the producers behind it will be Boys Noize and Bloodpop, though its exact release date hasn’t been disclosed yet. She was also seen recently in an Oscar-winning movie A Star Is Born.

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