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Gorgeous Wives & Girlfriends of The Greatest MMA Fighters

If you know anything about mixed martial artists, you will know that in addition to the big bucks and international stardom, they all have one thing in common — gorgeous women. Needless to say, some of these ladies are hotter than the sun. 

Certainly, not all of these relationships are serious ones. However, although many of them part ways after their five minutes in heaven, some do end up in marriage and have beautiful families. Here we have a list of 30 MMA fighters with their stunning partners. Continue reading and treat your eyes to these stunning couples!

Anthony Smith & Mikhala Newman

Anthony Smith and Mikhala Newman just got married in September 2019. The couple had three daughters during their long-term relationship before their marriage, and the family now lives happily in Omaha, Nebraska. Smith and Newman have a website with records and photos of their wedding, which also includes an online gift registry. 

Smith’s mixed martial art career started in 2008, and currently, he is a fighter in the UFC light heavyweight division. As of 2019, he is in third place on the UFC light heavyweight rankings. Newman is an active nurse who used to play volleyball back in college. 

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