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The Most Outrageous Cars of Hollywood’s Eldest Legends- They Never Lost Their Swag, Or Did They?

One of the best things you experience when you are a famous and successful celebrity is driving a high-end vehicle. No matter how much money it may cost them, celebrities often easily get to load their garages with so many kinds of vehicles. For some celebrities from back then, a simple vehicle is already okay for daily errands. Although, many really love driving the best choices on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the vehicles that your favorite celebrities from back then have driven or ridden over the years, and let’s see how much they spent for them.

Sean Connery – BMW 635 CSI, Estimated $9.4K

Sean Connery is remembered by many for the James Bond movies he starred in. He first started acting back in the 1950s, but it seems like he is enjoying retirement these days. His last project was his voice role in Sir Billi back in 2012. One of the old vehicles Connery once owned was a BMW 635 CSI. It is definitely something that won’t really be driven by James Bond, but we guess it was useful for Connery back then. Connery eventually let it go and switched to a more modern one. His BMW was later listed on eBay and was sold for $9.4K.

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