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A Seemingly Happy Husband & Father Disappears For 30 Years – Wait Till You See What His Family Learns When They Finally Find Him

This is a true story about a missing husband and an abandoned family in Indiana. It sums up all the known details available to the public knowledge about a man, who one day disappeared with no trace and the family that was left to deal with the harsh reality. It also depicts how the police and the court handled the case. And, lastly, it shows the effect it left on his kids and wife in the aftermath. It is a mystery that has baffled the public for decades now and some say it might be turned into a movie someday.

Not everything is what it looks like

Richard Hoagland and Linda Iseler were a seemingly happy couple with two kids, a nice home, and quiet life in Indiana. Right at the time where this terrible ordeal befell Linda, their kids were six and nine years old. They were a normal, middle-class family with a comfy life. Richard was working for an insurance company. The state of Indiana was always somewhere in the middle in the per capita income list in the USA. The most recent numbers are from 2017 and they show an average Indiana citizen makes around $28K a year.

What could possibly be wrong in this picture?

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