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These Are The Most Venomous Creatures On Our Planet

There are millions of different species all over the world. And although we think we’re familiar with most of them, the truth is that we only know of a small percentage. Furthermore, there’s a wide number of animals that have very impressive defense mechanisms. Some could even kill any human in a second.

Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the world’s most poisonous animals. Some are so small that we’d never guess they carry so much power. While animal rights activists might defend them, they are dangerous for us. You’ve been warned!

Poison Dart Frog

According to history textbooks, Amerindians of Central and South America would use the poison of these frogs to make their darts even more lethal. The bright colors most of these frogs show are due to an interesting characteristic. This is their way of showing other animals that they’ll regret it if they kill them. And they truly will!

These frogs contain sufficient venom to kill 10 men. Death will only take a few minutes after the poison enters the body. However, these frogs are currently endangered. This is because of human development and the growth of cities, which affects their habitat.

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