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The New Netflix Series Is All About Embracing the Regency Style and We Are Loving It!

The Netflix and Shondaland show Bridgerton, inspired by the famous Julia Quinn and her best-selling novels, is going to air on the 25th of December with a uniquely modern twist- and we couldn’t be more excited!

In Case You Aren’t A Fan…

The 8-episode series revolves mostly around romance and features a few scandals here and there. It plots around two families in London that are competing in the early 1800s. It is all about the fate of the daughters of both families who are searching for love in the much competitive and much drive market of marriage.

Seventeen Magazine |The Brigerton cast

Inside the Set

Bridgeton accommodation is quite incredible. The outside portion of the house was shot at a Georgian Mansion located in South London that is 100% red-brick and is known by the name of Rogers House. The building was said to be 100 years old, so naturally, keeping the lines clean was a hard thing to pull off, which is why the director settled on building the majority of the interior set rooms on a soundstage.

The whole interior was designed to fit the style of the Regency era, with medallion patterned fabric in a light blue color, fancy jabot draperies, and marquetry chairs and tables made out of ebonized wood.

Netflix, Nick Briggs | A grand entrance hall at the Royal Air Force Halton doubled as a salon

The set decorator had almost all of the furniture and the draperies treatment built totally from nothing for more than two hundred and fifty sets!

A Wedgewood Blue color incorporated the color palette for the show to appear in the color schemes in the interior and the gowns for Emperor-style actresses.

The exterior for another house in the tv show was played by the Regency Museum No.1 crescent, which is located in Bath, London. It went perfectly well with the vibe of the show; it was well- preserved and period-appropriate. The design’s tone was nicely set by the grand staircase and dining rooms that boast the color palette of yellows, greens, and oranges.

Netflix, Nick Briggs | The Duke of Hastings’ country house

Besides Bath and London, a couple of shots were also captured: castle Howard located in Yorkshire (that took over a hundred years to build and is a private place that features the largest dome) and the 18th century landscaped gardens Painshill Park.

The “Gala” scenes were filmed at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire as well as the Marble Hall.

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