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Black Panther: A Defining Moment in the Hollywood Industry!

Superhero movies have become the hit blockbuster series today with millions of fans flocking to the theaters. But, with the current social climate, more and more people want to see an equal representation of minorities in movies . That is why Black Panther has become a phenomenal success in Hollywood and it’s breaking every record set so far.

A Major Box Office Success

Black Panther draws inspiration from the different African tribes based on its set and costume designs

Black Panther grossed $370.5 million worldwide on its first day, making it one of the most successful pilot weeks of any MCU movies to date. The series continued to surge successfully due to positive reviews both from critics and moviegoers alike. As of March 26, 2018, it has grossed $633.2 million in the United States and Canada, for a worldwide total of $1.241 billion. It is the highest-grossing solo superhero film to date passing the 1 billion mark during its fourth week.

Rotten Tomatoes scored the film with a 97% approval rating based on 364 reviews, garnering an average of 8.2/10. As of February 2018, it has surpassed The Dark Knight and Iron Man as the best-reviewed superhero film on the site. Metacritic, with a combined weighted average system, scored the film an 88 out of 100 indicating “universal acclaim.”

Black Panther

Critical Reception

The film’s release and its ultimate success meant that movies with predominantly non-white cast could be a blockbuster hit. Finally, in a long time, a film centered on black people’s culture has broken free into mainstream media with such a resounding acclimation.

Jamil Smith of Time wrote that the film proved to Hollywood that African-American narratives can generate profits from all audiences. Furthermore, making movies about their lives meant that they matter. It signified the decade-old struggle not just of black people but it also tackled gender equality. To see themselves properly-represented in films and other mass media has been a dream for a long time and it is now a reality.

The film’s story is worth noting. Erik Killmonger became one of the best villains to grace the silver screen. His character was deep and multifaceted making him more human and the audience can relate to his circumstance. He is not a typical villain set on destroying everything on a whim. His drive and purpose are very relevant and compelling that the viewers can’t help but sympathize with him.

The dynamics of Erik Killmonger’s character is a departure from previous Marvel Villains who lacks relatable traits

This became evident when T’Challa changed because of Killmonger’s perspective. He challenged his current worldview and made him see things differently. His resolve as the king of Wakanda conflicted with his personality. He hesitated to accept his role as the King and stay in Wakanda to rule his kingdom.

Coupled with his desire to help the rest of humanity as the Black Panther, this takes a heavy toll on his morale. The character’s dynamics made the story more compelling as we witnessed the journey of two individuals trying to achieve their goals. Their actions affect one another and ultimately they gain mutual respect from each other in the end.

The film raised a challenge in Hollywood to change their perception of reality. The entertainment industry must now start producing Blockbuster films featuring a diverse cast and a promising story.

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