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Jessica Alba Set to Sell her Exquisite Mansion, See Price and Features that Will Blow Your Mind

Jessica Alba is finally bidding a fond farewell to her exquisite mansion in Beverly Hills. The mansion is said to be listed at $6.195 million, it is a three-room, five-restroom home, and Alba is said to have purchased the mansion around 10 years ago at a price of just $2 million less than what she is requesting now

The mansion is enlisted for sale at $6.195 million

According to reports, Jessica Alba and her significant other, Cash Warren, who is a movie producer and director, have not resided in the home for quite a while. This is because they got a bigger and better house in the same region 2 years ago.

The mansion is said to be about 5,000 square feet and was built in the early seventies. The mansion also lies on a half-acre of land.

Key Features of The Mansion

The beautiful style mansion’s anteroom flaunts some amazing art and designs with the stone floors and curved entryways leading to the main sitting room of the house. The home office flanked by inherent bookshelves additionally sits amidst the house, offering open spaces and see through floor-to-roof windows.

The mansion is tastily furnished with numerous 21st-century designs

An enormous U-molded island is used for the crisscrossed territory seating area. This is the focal point for all intents and purposes white kitchen, leading to the dining area of the home, a rambling open-air kitchen, pizza stove and porch region with designed high contrast tile.

In the art commendable terrace, the property includes an in-ground pool that is encompassed by palm trees, giving it an island hideaway vibe amidst California.

Other Properties Owned by The Couple

The home’s main room is adjourned to a sitting region, two strolls in wardrobes and a high contrast designed chimney which is alongside French entryways that lead to a private patio. The marbled restroom includes a detached splashing tub and a twofold vanity design attached.

Jessica Alba and her husband are proud owners of numerous properties in Beverly Hills

Alba and her husband Warren, who are proud parents of three kids, two daughters and a son, are also reported to have other properties in the Beverly Hills region. One of the property is situated on a wide plot of land that is estimated to be about 14 acres situated in the mountains of the Beverly Hills. The home is said to have 2 restrooms and 2 bathrooms.

However, the couple is not in search of buyers for the home since they have already rented it out in a fully furbished state at a price above $10,000 every month.

Jessica Alba

Alba,32 is known for her acting talent, starring in various Hollywood movies over the years. She was conceived in Pomona an area in California and has a younger sibling, Joshua. She is known to be a family person, very reserved, and also a Catholic. She once described herself as being liberal and a human activist.

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