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Celine Dion Hits a Major Deal and This Time It Has Nothing to Do with Music

As we all know, Celine Dion’s stay in her Las Vegas home is gradually coming to an end. A lot of people are already wondering what is next for the music superstar, and if she is finally going to leave the entertainment scene. However, it has been revealed that Celine Dion isn’t about to quit the media and entertainment scene, with the 51 years old said to become a face model.

The L’Oréal Paris

The news became public by the beauty agency, one of the most popular ones in the world,  L’Oréal in Paris.

With this, Celine Dion is set to follow the path of actresses like Blake Lively and Jane Fonda into the beauty scene, and she seems excited about this new venture. According to her, she is at a stage in her life where she wants to do new things, and the idea of using her voice as a tool for people to feel more confident and beautiful excites her.  She also hopes that she can be able to make people accept and love themselves more.

Celine Dion is following the path of the beautiful actresses Blake and Jane

With her new role, it is reported that Celine Dion is already set to move in the capital of France where she is expected to start preparations for her advertisement role, and the same time learns more about the fashion and beauty brand. The advert is set to start airing from later this month with Celine Dion playing a role of both humor and fashion for L’Oréal’s latest hair product commercials.

L’Oréal Paris’s Statement

According to L’Oréal Paris’s president, Emmanuel Angel, the beauty brand agency is really particular about the role that women play in the beauty and fashion scene, and that is why they are employing huge celebrities as a part of their brand, with the hope that it would give women and young ladies the confidence that they need to become fulfilled according to their own desire.

Reason For Signing Celine Dion

Furthermore, the president explained that the signing of Celine Dion would help promote their campaign. He continued by explaining that she is the perfect fit and stereotype for any woman that wants to be successful today. He concluded the speech saying that Celine Dion really embodies the brand’s motto which is “Because I’m worth it.”

The new advertisement is said to start airing later this April

However, this is not Celine Dion’s first attempt at fashion as she had previously worked with fashionista Law Roach a few years ago for an episode on the Hollywood Reporter. Roach is well known for her exploits in the fashion scenes, as well as being a stylist for various celebrities such as Ariana Grande.

Now, all we can do is sit back and wait for the premiere of the L’Oréal Paris advertisement featuring Celine Dion later this month. Make sure you cheer up the woman who has blessed the world with her amazing voice.

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