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Flight Records Show Trump Had an Overnight Moscow Trip, Contrary to What He Claimed


Since the issue of the Russian probe exploded, several prosecutors and federal investigators have been conducting investigations and gathering evidence to unveil Trump’s ties with Russia. The President has been consistent in his claim that he doesn’t have any connections with Russian spies who may have contributed to his win in the US 2016 Elections.

However, it seems Trump’s verbal claims contradict what the physical evidence obtained by Bloomberg is showing. The recent flight records show how President Trump, apparently, spent an overnight trip to a Russian city.

The Unveiled 2013 Moscow Trip

Trump told the former FBI Director James Comey that he hadn’t stayed overnight in Moscow during his 2013 trip

According to the memos obtained, Trump went on a trip to Moscow to attend the Miss Universe pageant last 2013. Last January, Comey stated that Trump told him he arrived in the morning and talked with people who were with him for the MU trip.

While the meeting went smoothly, his staff reminded him that he hadn’t planned on staying overnight in Russia, and so, he departed back to New York on the same night. Unfortunately, the public didn’t buy his claim, so he opts to ask the former FBI agent to investigate the matter to prove his claims.

The Flight Records Say Otherwise

Unfortunately, Bloomberg obtained the detailed flight records of Trump’s Moscow Trip. The records show that the Bombardier Global 5000 Private jet was used to fly to Moscow. It shows how the private jet took off from different states like Asheville, North Carolina, to attend the birthday celebration of Billy Graham last November 7, 2013. The flight was bound for Russia. However, Bloomberg noted the records didn’t specifically disclose who was boarding the plane that time.

The private jet Trump mainly uses to travel overseas, was owned by a billionaire named Phil Ruffin

It then landed at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport on November 8, 2013, Friday. That night, Trump attended Aras Agalarov’s birthday party, who was the host of the Miss Universe pageant. Then, on Saturday, Bloomberg revealed a lot of footages and Facebook posts with Trump present at Moscow’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

This hotel was allegedly in Christopher Steele’s dossier (a former British intelligence agent) stating that Russian intelligence may also obtain a video footage of escorts performing lewd acts and offering an intimate, passionate night with the future President.

Dispelling the Allegations

Trump had insisted though that the acquired flight records and footage, also known as “pee tape” was all a lie. In fact, he insisted to Comey to continue the investigation to clear all the allegations directed towards him.

According to Trump, he only attended the after party that stretched until November 10, 2013 (Sunday). He boarded the private jet from Moscow at 3:58 am bound for Newark Liberty International Airport the next day.

Both the Trump Organization and White House refused to respond or comment on the said issue

Unfortunately, everything didn’t work out great for Trump and Comey, since the latter only asserted what Trump told him but presented the evidence he obtained contradicting his client’s statements. Just a few days after Comey’s tell-all book and a report had been released, Trump lamented the former FBI and questioned his integrity as a federal agent. He even went as far as labeling him a “liar” and “proven leaker” for disclosing sensitive information of his client.

He also commented how Comey became the worst FBI director in the history of United States. And just this weekend, Trump retweeted the US political editor David Martosko post of how he was astonished that the Republicans refused to message him today.

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