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Lewis Hamilton Acquires a Multi-million Dollar Mansion and the Details Have Left Everyone in Shock

Lewis Hamilton is one of those folks who could be sitting at the table beside you in an eatery, and you’d wrack your mind to make sense of how know him. Is it true that he is a VIP?  Or does he attend my recreational center?

If you are a fan of the Formula 1 sport you will definitely Know Lewis Hamilton

You’re a standout amongst the most well-known and one of the highest earners on earth, yet in the US, you can likely head out to supper without cameras and media personalities trailing you closely. In the event that he strolls down a popular place in any European city, he would definitely be in the papers the next day.

That may clarify why Lewis is planning some very low key real estate moves in the United States. If you are not a fan of Formula 1 and aren’t absolutely acquainted with the 34-year-old Lewis, he’s a standout amongst the best and prevalent Formula 1 drivers that have ever graced this planet.

Just a year ago, he won his 5th title in Mexico. You may not know how special this record is until you realize that he is just one of 3 drivers ever to do so in the history of the sport.

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth

Four years ago, he reached another agreement with Mercedes for $44 million a year. This, with several other additional endorsement deals, means that the superstar’s annual income goes above $50 million every year. At the moment, he said to have a net worth close to $300 million according to Forbes, making him one of the highest paid sportsmen on Earth.

Lewis Hamilton is one of the highest paid sportsmen today

The worth

It has been reported that Lewis Hamilton has just recently acquired a penthouse loft in New York City. The mansion is said to worth about $40.7 million.

Also, the mansion has incredible features and covers a space of more than 6000 squares feet, more interesting part is that another 3000 square feet from the outdoor part of the loft is not part of the first 6000 square feet measure. The mansion is situated at Vestry Street in Manhattan.

Another exquisite feature of the mansion includes the almost endless pool of about 80 feet long with a view one can enjoy alongside the Hudson River. The mansion also consist of a recreational center, a well-equipped library, and courts for sporting activities.

This purchase by the superstar comes just under two years after he paid about $43.991 million to purchase an alternate Manhattan penthouse only a couple of squares away at Greenwich Street.

Other Expenses

With this additional purchase, Lewis Hamilton currently owns $84.691 million worth of homes in the Manhattan region alone. That aside, his maintenance fee for these properties alone will be about $680,000 per annum. So, he’ll need to set aside about $1.4 million every year as a form of pre-charge just to cover that bill.

With the new mansion, Hamilton is now the owner of two properties in Manhattan

But for a celebrity that earns about $50 million per annum, all these figures are very affordable.

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