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These Congressmen Sleep in Their Offices Because They Can’t Afford an Apartment

Whenever we talk about politicians, the first thing that comes to our mind is they’re rich, influential, and powerful. After all, they have the financial means to campaign during elections, right? And considering these politicians receive a hefty amount for public service, it seems fitting for them to live a comfortable and luxurious life, right?

It turns out that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, these Congressmen sleep in their offices since they can’t afford to buy or even rent an apartment!

Crying Poverty

Surprisingly, more and more House Representatives are converting their Capitol Hill offices into house quarters to hit the sack at night. When asked why they’re living with their professional squatters, they confessed that Washington’s high cost of living and their decade-long standard salaries aren’t enough for them to afford getting an apartment.

Representative Dan Donovan confessed that Washington is too expensive for him to afford. In fact, he sleeps in a tiny alcove in his office just to serve in the Congress while he’s also paying for his house in New York City.

They also converted their cots and closets into futons and couches just to save more money during their work week. Simply put, these lawmakers are on the verge of poverty (if they haven’t already).

He further added that if he forced himself to buy or even rent an apartment in DC, then he shuddered to think that only millionaires could be members of the Congress. He also didn’t think their Founding Fathers would approve of such an idea since the US Congress is for everyone, not just the elite.

Violation of Congressional Ethics Rules

Despite their justification for converting their professional offices to sleeping quarters, the other representatives despise the said idea. They claim that Congressmen shouldn’t practice such an undignified and unsanitary method and they want to ban it as soon as possible.

Just this month, the lawmakers passed the legislation to prohibit politicians from turning their offices into their private quarters. They claim that such acts violate the Congressional Ethics Rules and IRS.

 Representative Bennie Thompson said that what the lawmakers did was unhealthy. As a citizen himself, he certainly didn’t want to be entertained in somebody’s bedroom while reaching out for help to these politicians. He’s also one of the authors of the said bill

Representative Thompson also added that sleeping in your office is indecent, considering these lawmakers are taking advantage of the taxpayer’s money. He said that if they sleep in their office, they already get free cable, electricity and water bills, including janitorial services and security. Most of all, they don’t need to pay rent. While the government has to pay for these offices at $25,000-$30,000 a year.

Salary Not Enough

Aside from their $174,000 salary per year, some of these lawmakers receive a stipend to cover their expenses while staying at the state capitol. Thompson said the NY representatives, for example, got an additional $175 per day, and it only increases if the lawmaker’s home state is large like Sacramento, which receives a daily stipend of $183 per day, while representatives from Austin, Texas, receive $190 per day. He claims that it’s more than enough to sustain their living.

For example, A military veteran named Zeldin said he was able to serve the country well since he sleeps in his office. He avoided having distractions since his routine was waking up – work — eat — sleep every day

However, these representatives beg to differ. In fact, they claimed the salary of $174,000 a year hardly could sustain lawmakers living since they don’t get any housing allowance in the first place.

Just by renting a one-bedroom pad already costs around $2,000 per month or roughly around $20,000 per year. Not to mention they still need to pay for their residences in their home state. Furthermore, the Army veterans claim what the lawmakers have done isn’t wrong. In fact, sleeping in your office makes you an efficient worker.

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