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Did You Know You Can Get a 200£ Fine for Using Your Phone in the Passenger Seat?

In the United Kingdom, an existing law prohibits the drivers from using their phones while driving. Failure to do so will result in paying a hefty amount of fine. But, what if you’re not the one driving? It should be fine to use your phone while you’re in the passenger seat, right? That’s where you’re wrong. It turns out, passengers aren’t allowed to use their phones too!

Motorists are Responsible for Learner Drivers

The good news is that not all motorists are entitled to this law. In fact, this only applies to those driver instructors who teach their students how to hit the road. Since you’re the one primarily responsible for the car and your student’s welfare while driving, this means that all the road laws normally applied to the main driver will also be carried by the instructor in the passenger seat.

Unfortunately, this means you cannot touch your mobile phone to text, chat with your friends, or even browse the internet while teaching your student how to drive.

A person supervising a learner driver is entitled to pay 200 British Pounds fine for using his or her phone while driving

This rule does not only apply to professional driving instructors, but to all friends, families, relatives who supervise driving lessons to a new driver. The UK government wants the instructors to treat the driving lessons seriously to avoid troubles and unnecessary road accidents.

They want them to teach their students as if they are driving the car themselves. Although, the government was quick to clarify that not all traffic offenses will affect their driver’s licenses. For example, if the student breaks the speed limit, the instructor won’t be held accountable for it. This means that the student will still receive the fine and penalty points.

Other Driving Laws You Weren’t Aware You’re Breaking

I Am Road Smart Director of Policy and Research Neil Greig said that learning to drive is a stressful task. The least an instructor can do is to guide the student than posting on social media and minding his own business. They shall be held legally accountable for any incidents that may happen.

Breaking a Law to Give Way to Emergency Services

While it’s the driver’s top priority to give way to an emergency vehicle, he or she should always be wary of the governing road laws in the UK. For example, entering a bus lane or beating the red light just to let an ambulance go through are still considered a violation. Doing this will earn you a 100 pounds fine and 3 penalty points. Making way for an emergency response vehicle doesn’t excuse you from breaking the law.

Failing to Update Your Information After Moving Out

Did you recently move out from your house and lived in a different location? Or did you just recently get married? Failing to update your personal records fines you up to 1,000 pounds! This previous information is considered outdated details for your driving license. Penalty points and fines will be given when you’re stopped by cops, hire a car or commit a driving offense even in overseas.

Splashing Pedestrians With Puddles

Drivers who hit the puddle near pedestrians face up to 5,000 pounds fine if the case goes to court

Smashing through a puddle is sometimes inevitable especially after a heavy rainfall. Most drivers definitely try avoiding driving through it because they don’t want to clean their cars from muds and mess. However, there’s a graver reason why UK drivers don’t want to encounter a puddle while driving, especially near the pedestrians. Why? It’s because they face a criminal offense for smashing through it. This offense is classified as driving without consideration for other people who might get splashed or dirtied by hitting the puddle.

Dirt Obscuring Your Number Plate

It’s also considered a criminal offense if you don’t get rid of dust, dirt, and mud from your number plate. Why? It’s because the police authorities might think your number plate isn’t legal, or you’re obscuring it to conduct illegal activities and using your vehicle as a getaway car. A cop fines you from 50 to 1,000 pounds if the case goes to court.

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