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One Direction Star Seeks Legal Advice To Protect A Fortune From His Wife

Whenever we see a love story budding from our favorite celebrity stars, we can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy to their significant partners because our idols get to choose them. However, this frustrating feeling fades away and we find ourselves supporting the love and happiness of our favorite stars.  One Direction fandom could be in for a different treat, though, as they were shocked to receive the news of their favorite 1D Star, Liam Payne, actually seeking a legal advice against Cheryl Ann Tweedy!

Liam Payne Seeks Legal Advice from divorce Attorney to Protect His Wealth!

The news exploded about the two’s relationship going through some rough patch and word got around that they might end up splitting after two years. Liam, who’s been doing some US tour for already a year, was believed that he’s been consulting a top divorce lawyer in order to protect his vast fortune. His wealth and fortune were estimated to range up to 54 million pounds. It’s obvious that Liam is richer than his partner, Cheryl, whose net worth only span around 20 million pounds. There’s really no surprise there since Liam is a worldwide famous celebrity.

Liam Payne Is Currently On his US Tour

Liam Payne Is Currently On his US Tour

Prior to the news, we already heard some rumors and speculations from the grapevine stating that the couple wanted to end their relationship already, but unable to do so (until now) because of Liam’s hectic schedule as a 1D Star. This leaves Cheryl frequently at home taking care of their son named Bear, who is only an 11-month old baby. Cheryl lived in the Surrey mansion in time when Liam consulted a divorce lawyer.

Sources Confirmed the Divorce News of the Said Celebrities

Cheryly Met For a Courtesy Call with Prince Charles for Prince Trust Foundation

Cheryl Met For a Courtesy Call with Prince Charles for Prince Trust Foundation

And now, it seemed that this news was confirmed because a reliable source had revealed to the public that Liam is preparing for divorce and is currently determining all the legal options and actions they can take to win custody for their son, Bear. Because of the vast wealth of both partners, a divorce lawyer also stated that their divorce is more than a breakup. They need to sort things out, including their money, conjugal properties, and assets before they part ways. Most importantly, the welfare and custody of the child need to be considered too, so both parties have to be very careful in arranging the divorce. It can be psychologically and emotionally straining for both sides, especially their son. However, despite this new development, everyone still hopes that they can still save their relationship.

The Couple Is Still in their Respective Businesses Despite their Complicated Relationship

Many fans were speculating whether or the couple would postpone their prior schedules, appointments, and commitments to give way to the process of divorce. However, it seems that’s not the case with this couple. Cheryl’s friends stated that she’s currently focusing on her organization’s opening in Newcastle on Tuesday. The Cheryl’s Trust Centre aims to help the young people overcome the battles and nightmares they face. It’s basically a charity organization aiming to help the young teenagers overcome their depression to prevent suicide. Liam, on the other hand, will continue his world tour. He’s expected to attend at the Brits this coming Wednesday. While on Saturday, Liam will be expected at Groves v Eubank fight together with the athlete legend Denise Lewis.

One of the Main Reasons Why Their Relationship Is Crumbling Is Because Of Them Spending Time Apart Frequently

Liam and Cheryl Spent Their Valentines Day Together

Liam and Cheryl Spent Their Valentines Day Together

Most of the fans were shocked when they heard this divorce news, especially since the couple just spent their Valentines Day together with their son. Aside from that, they’ve also spent their Christmas together, but the rumor is that they’re already engaging in petty quarrels and arguments more frequently. Their compact hectic schedule enables them to spend less and less time together, paired it with lack communication and they’re bound to meet challenges in their relationship. In fact, Liam is still set to finish his new album while Cheryl just recently signed a contract for a TV talent show entitled the Greatest Dancer. 

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