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Virgin Atlantic Supremo’s Childhood Home Up On The Market

While moving from one house to another may be a mammoth task for us commoners, for celebrities, it’s a chore. The rich and famous switch properties as easily as flipping the pages of a book! And this pandemic has seen more celebrity property listings in a single year than ever before.

Talking about celeb property listings, the latest one to enter the market is none other than Virgin Atlantic boss Richard Branson’s ex-home. But not just any ex-home; this is the house he spent his childhood in!


Thrive Global | Richard Branson’s childhood home has been listed for sale

Considering that today Branson has billions in his pocket, don’t you think his childhood home would have played a role in paving his path to success? We, for one, believe that the place and environment one spends their initial years in carve a special impression on their personality. So on that note, let’s take a peek into what Branson’s childhood was like through this house.

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Sneak peek into the deal and the house

Richard Branson grew up in the town of Guildford in the London suburbs. He’d held onto the property for so many years, but now he’s decided to hand it over to a new owner. Someone who can dish out 5.2 million dollars for the pretty little house!

The property has a beautiful outlook with a British touch that’s hard to find anywhere outside the UK capital. It’s called Tanyards Farm and has its gate made with decorative stones that perfectly match with the overall look of the place. The 1.4-acre land has enough space for four bedrooms and three bathrooms and a charming kitchen full of light.


Fox Business | The house is quite classy, which shows the man had quite an affluent childhood

One of the rooms has dual functionality. Though it is a family room with its own entrance, it can double-up as the staff quarter as well. You can take the regular staircase or the spiral one to get to the second floor, which is much prettier than the first one. Here the ceilings are higher, and the bedrooms are more lighted.

A quick glimpse into Branson’s childhood

According to the Daily Mail, in his autobiography, Branson has mentioned his childhood home. He describes planting a Christmas tree in this house to eventually sell it but also mentions that he was heartbroken to find that naughty little rabbits had eaten it all when he was at boarding school.

This home was the starting of his journey as an entrepreneur, where he sold budgerigar birds and Christmas trees for money. All this began in the 60s when he was just a kid! This shows he had the mind of a businessman right from his earlier years.


Beam Start | Though it was highly successful once, Branson’s airline Virgin Atlantic has recently filed for bankruptcy

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What is the man currently up to?

Though he was once a rising businessman, the recent years haven’t treated him so well. Not long ago, Branson’s airline made a claim for financial bankruptcy in New York following a legal proceeding in the UK. Earlier this year, he’d even requested the government to help his company financially and had agreed to pledge his Caribbean Island resort as collateral for a loan.

It seems like irrespective of where you start, life has a way of catching up to you someday!

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