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Applying for Student Loans – Begin with Government Loans

If you are considering sending out an application for a student loan, you should always begin with government loans which are available in the form of federal student loans. Loans available from private lenders will also be helpful but you should be using these options only after you have exhausted the government programs. In this article, we will discuss how you can benefit by using student loans offered by the government.

Qualifying For Student Loans

One of the major benefits which you will notice from the very beginning is that it is rather easy to qualify for student loans from the government. Banks are generally not interested in lending you money unless they are certain they will get their money back. Young students do not have a credit history and government student loans are different in their requirements because students can qualify easily despite not having any credit ratings. Banks, however, will not give students similar options and will demand a credit history before considering an application for a student loan.

Repayment Of Government Student Loans

Student loans from the government offer students the flexibility they need during the repayment. Students can decide on the option of an extended repayment which will be available at a higher cost but will ensure that the student has lower monthly payments. Alternatively, they can choose a payment plan which is flexible with their income. This type of payment plan ensures that the student will have the flexibility to pay less if their income is lower.

Student loans from the government also give the borrower the option to stop repayment in the event of unemployment. Skipping the payments will result in higher costs as interest continues to accumulate on the balances but will make it easier for the borrower to get over the problem he or she is facing. Private lenders may not be as flexible as the government and they are generally not willing to be accommodating.

The options available for the repayment will be listed on the loan agreement. Students are advised to read through the document and understand the options available to them before they decide to borrow money from any lender. Student loans from the government are well-documented and finding answers to any questions students may have will not be a difficult task. Student loans from the government can also be consolidated if the student has too many loans to repay.

Interest Rates Of Student Loans

Student Loans from the government will not cost a lot of money because the interest rates are generally subsidized. The government is paying off the interest of the student loan to ensure you are not required to raise the cash for the interest rates which would accumulate on the original balance. The interest rates on student loans are also fixed and therefore students will have the option of maintaining a budget to take care of their expenses.

Student Loans From the Government Can Also Be Forgiven

Student loans from the government can also be forgiven in certain cases. There are several ways to accomplish this feat to ensure that the loan borrowed becomes free money and the student is not required to make a repayment. Students must not believe they can qualify for loan forgiveness just because they don’t want to pay the loan but the possibility exists only from the government. Students can qualify for loan forgiveness because of the type of job they could be holding and the most common among the students are the following:

  • Government employees.
  • Public school teachers.
  • Employees of certain nonprofit organizations.

Student loans obtained from the government may also discharge the student upon his or her demise. These types of loans are identified as PLUS loans and are different from the rest. The parent is usually the borough of a plus loan but the borrowing is forgiven in the event of the demise of the child. Parents are usually not looking to benefit from plus loans but it is definitely a feature which reduces the burden on the grieving family.

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