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Élizabeth Bourgine: The Actress’ Personal Life Away From the Cameras

For over a decade, Élizabeth Bourgine has transported audiences to the idyllic shores of Saint Marie as the iconic detective Catherine Bordey in the BBC’s beloved crime drama, “Death in Paradise.”

While viewers are enthralled by Catherine’s captivating investigations on the fictional Caribbean island, they often wonder: what does Élizabeth’s life entail when the cameras stop rolling?

A Parisian Escape

elizabethbourgine | Instagram | Elízabeth Bourgine stars as detective Catherine Bordey in BBC's "Death in Paradise".

Instagram | elizabethbourgine | Elízabeth Bourgine stars as detective Catherine Bordey in BBC’s “Death in Paradise”.

Unlike some of her co-stars who choose to extend their stay in the Caribbean paradise during filming, Élizabeth, at 66, finds solace in her Parisian abode. Nestled close to the verdant expanse of the Luxembourg Gardens, she shares her home with her husband, Jean-Luc Miesch, a celebrated director and writer whose works like “Nestor Burma” and “Streamfield, les carnets noirs” have garnered acclaim.

Paris is more than a residence for Élizabeth; it’s a tapestry woven with cherished memories. “This city cradles all my fondest recollections,” she reminisces, recalling her first bicycle and childhood visits to the captivating world of puppet theater. “Paris is where I truly belong. The city’s unique light, the vibrant hues of the buildings – everything about it fills me with a sense of comfort and belonging.”

A Family Bound by Love and Art

Élizabeth and Jean-Luc have built a life filled with love and artistic pursuits. Their son, Jules, now 33, has carved his own path in the world of acting, following in his mother’s footsteps. Jules, a graduate of the prestigious Cours Florent drama school, has graced the screens in popular shows like “Tout va Bien,” “Capitaine Marleau,” and “Clem.”

elizabethbourgine | Instagram | Élizabeth's son, Jules, forges his own acting career, walking in his mother's footsteps.

Instagram | elizabethbourgine | Élizabeth’s son, Jules, forges his own acting career, walking in his mother’s footsteps.

The world of “Death in Paradise” even intertwined with Jules’ acting career when he landed a guest role in the latest season’s episode eight. While his mother had already returned to France, Jules felt right at home on the set. “He took the guest cast under his wing and explored the island’s hidden gems,” Élizabeth shared, her voice filled with pride. “He had a truly enriching experience!”

Mutual Admiration and a Supportive Bond

The love and admiration Élizabeth receives from her family are truly heartwarming. Jean-Luc is a constant source of support and a devoted admirer of her on-screen persona, Catherine. “He’s captivated by her confidence, her vibrant sense of style, and the way she carries herself,” Élizabeth revealed, a smile gracing her lips. “He simply finds her stunning.”

Jules, on the other hand, sees Catherine as the epitome of a loving and supportive mother. “She embodies the qualities everyone seeks in a mother,” he shared, his voice filled with warmth. “But myself incredibly fortunate to have her as mine.”

elizabethbourgine | Instagram | Élizabeth gracefully balances life between the Caribbean shores and Parisian streets.

Instagram | elizabethbourgine | Élizabeth gracefully balances life between the Caribbean shores and Parisian streets.

Striking a Balance Between Paradise and Parisian Charm

Élizabeth skillfully navigates her life between the sun-drenched shores of the Caribbean and the enchanting streets of Paris. Despite the physical distance, she maintains a close bond with her family, cherishing every moment they share, transcending the boundaries of work and location.

As Élizabeth continues to enthrall audiences with her captivating performances on screen, her personal life flourishes, brimming with love, unwavering support from her family, and a deep connection to her Parisian roots.

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