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Ellie Goulding Lists Her ‘Mews House’ In London for $7.7 Million

The Grammy-nominated singer, Ellie Goulding, has been “on our mind” (see what we did there?) ever since we heard her honey-like voice on the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, back in 2015. The star credits her fame and entire career to producers Frank Music and Star Smith, who gave the singer just the push she needed to shine. Thanks to these producers who recognized her talents, we got gems like ‘Outside,’ ‘Love Me Like You Do,’ and ‘On My Mind.’

From what we’ve learned now, the 33-year-old songwriter has decidedly put her gorgeous London home up on the market with the whopping price tag of $7.7 million.

Aston Chase/Tony Murray | Ellie Goulding London home

Inside the Gorgeous Mews House!

The 2,961 square-foot dwelling consists of 5 stories, sitting on the very assembled street in the neighborhood of Marylebone. The house is combed with parquet floorings and classic brick walls and includes quite a few modern touches like lightwells, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a mezzanine floor.

Aston Chase |An eccentric staircase connects the floors

The ground floor has a lot of style and space, all thanks to the picturesque kitchen, designed with beautiful muted silver cabinets and the chic lightwell. The house contains windows that stretch down till the ground level and also have double-height ceilings.

The casual living room and the dining room are close to one another, and so is the basement of the house. It consists of two bedrooms that open to an outdoor patio, a shared utility room, as well as a bathroom.

The first and second floor contains a total of three bedrooms, and all rooms have en-suite bathrooms; although the main suite gives a view of the historic cobbles.

Aston Chase |The mezzanine living room is all kinds of cozy

The Extra Deets!

The house also happens to have a historical background. The ‘mews house’ was originally built as a stable for horses back in the 19th century. The rooms above were made for the carriage drivers and stable-hands as a living space. Mews houses are found all around the UK. They were generally built near to the glorious townhouses of the major cities such as Edinburg and London, and almost all of them contain no garden space.

The listing took place after Ellie returned from her and her husband, Casper Jopling’s, cottage where they were spending their time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Goulding told PEOPLE she felt nice to have an escape and be in her little world for a while. She took it as an opportunity to think about her strengths and powers and her weaknesses and flaws.

Ellie says that she remains to be a little insecure about herself but also has more love for herself than ever before.

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