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Emma Stone Has Something to Tell Us About Her Rise to Stardom

Stone’s History

Emma Stone landed yet another nomination for the Best Supporting actress at the recently held Academy Awards for her role in The Favourite.  Stone won her very first Oscar in 2017, and that was for her performance in the movie “La La Land”.

Stone hasn’t always been so popular, in fact, she didn’t have an easy start. Before she had a breakout role in Superbad, a 2007 comedy, she had dropped out of school and was struggling to get acting gigs in L.A.

Stone’s first Oscar came in 2017 when she won the best actress for La La Land

As a ninth grader,  Stone made a PowerPoint presentation to her parents giving them reasons why they should allow her to drop out of school so she could pursue a career in acting. She titled her pitch “Project Hollywood,” and to her surprise, it worked.

Stone while speaking to a news agency in 2017 said she couldn’t believe that her parents agreed to her proposition. She said she doesn’t condone dropping out. In her opinion, everyone should attend high school and also graduate.

Stone’s Resilient Spirit

Stone and her mother relocated from their home in Scottsdale, Arizona to a complex south of Hollywood. Their intention was that the move would be temporary.  She said she went for different auditions for 3 months consistently and she didn’t get anything.

Even though she wasn’t getting any pay from acting, Stone wasn’t prepared to give up her dream and she needed something that would make her stay back in Los Angeles. So, she decided to take a side hustle at a bakery that makes dog biscuits. It was what kept her in L.A. even though she wasn’t getting any audition.

Stone had to take up a job at a bakery because she wasn’t getting any acting gig

Several years after that, she had her first major break as the love interest of Jonah Hill in the movie Superbad.  Things have only gotten better after then, and she now has a spot on the list of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. In 2017, the 30-year-old earned herself the title of the highest paid actress in the world after she earned $26 million before the tax deductions.

Pieces Of Advice

Stone’s best advice career-wise for those who are big dreamers is that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams even in the face of obstacles.  Making reference to a quote by Winston Churchill, she said even in such situations, they should keep going.

In a 2018 interview, Stone said her major advice to people generally is to remember that nobody cares and no one is just sitting around thinking about someone else for the whole of the day. According to her, the highest someone would go thinking about you is fifteen seconds before they go back to being worried about their own lives.  She said it’s soothing to know that people love you but don’t care too much as always to be bothered about your next move.

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