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What to Expect From ‘Shark Tank’ Season 15

‘Shark Tank’ has always been considered one of the most groundbreaking shows on television for aspiring entrepreneurs. It offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to present their ideas in front of five successful panelists who are capable of investing in their businesses.

However, in a recent tweet, Kevin O’Leary hints that the show is overwhelmed with applications. The reason? Well, It is the lack of venture capital money out there.

Getty | In a recent tweet, fiery ‘Shark Tank’ judge Kevin O’Leary hints that the show is shifting its dynamics.

Thus, this shift in the dynamics of the show may bring new opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to be a part of the show.

Increased Applicants

According to Kevin O’Leary, ‘Shark Tank’ is receiving a record number of applicants for its upcoming season because of the lack of venture capital money available. This means that more and more entrepreneurs are looking for alternative platforms to showcase their ideas.

As a result, the surge in applicants suggests that many entrepreneurs are seeking financial backing to bring their ideas to life.

Royalty Over Equity Stake

Since the show is receiving a record number of applicants, most of the deals will be for royalties instead of equity stakes. In turn, this shift in the investment approach could be a game-changer for entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are looking to get their ideas off the ground.

BBC | Kevin O’Leary announces that ‘Shark Tank’ is overwhelmed with a long list of applicants for the upcoming 15th season.

Royalties present a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, thus allowing them to receive a steady stream of income without having to give up a portion of their company shares.

Mishap with SVB

The judges on ‘Shark Tank’ are known for their investment prowess, but recently, some of them have faced their own setbacks. Kevin O’Leary himself revealed that he had funds with SVB, which is currently experiencing a financial crisis.

This comes right after his involvement with another massive collapse, that of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which he had previously promoted. Similarly, Mark Cuban, another panelist on the show, also suffered after putting his money into SVB. Thus, these events could explain the shift in investment approach by the judges.

New Opportunities

This shift in investment approach by the judges could create a new era of opportunities for entrepreneurs. The lack of venture capital money has spurred a surge in applications. And the increasing use of royalty deals rather than equity stakes could be a significant game-changer.

Elle | ‘Shark Tank’ judges Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban suggest that the show will be focusing more on royalty investments this year.

Thus, this could also mean that entrepreneurs with unique ideas and business propositions may have a better chance of receiving investment opportunities from the judges.

Future of the Show

ABC recently announced that ‘Shark Tank’ would be returning for its 15th season and while the exact date is still unknown, the surge in applications and the shift in investment approach suggest that the show may be undergoing a transformation. It is possible that the show could focus more on providing opportunities for entrepreneurs rather than solely investing in companies.

Thus, this could ignite a new era of innovation—an era where aspiring entrepreneurs can get the backing they need to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

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