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The Incredible Story of How Jay Leno Became a Millionaire

Did you know that way before Jay Leno became the host of “The Tonight’s show,” he was an employee of McDonald’s? Amazing right?

Yes, it is hard to think that the multimillionaire we see today once worked at a random eatery cutting French fries. Well, that was his humble beginning.

Jay Leno’s Present Net Worth

Now estimated to worth about $400 million, Jay Leno is popular for being the host of “The Tonight’s Show.” He was in charge of the job for more than 20 years and was said to have earned an annual income of $30 million for the show.

Jay Leno on “The Tonight’s Show”

That means he practically moved from earning minimum income per month as a McDonalds’ staff to earning millions a year. This is exactly one success story that inspires.

Jay Leno’s Lifestyle

Expectedly, like every success story, there are a lot of in-betweens and hard works.

While working at McDonald’s, Jay Leno was said to have believed that one day he would become a millionaire, and to achieve that quickly he did multiple jobs.

Jay Leno lived a very disciplined lifestyle through those struggling days. This includes working up strategies on how to attain the millionaire status quickly by saving the larger part of his monthly income. The smaller one was what he lived on.

At a point, Jay Leno began his comedy career, and that didn’t stop him from going into other business. At the same time, he started working as a car dealer.

He earned more money from the car dealer’s occupation than the minutes he spends on stage telling jokes initially, so he was living off the jokes money and saving the other one.

Jay Leno got a job as a car dealer, and at the same time he was attending comedy gigs to earn multiple sources of income

He then gained more fame as a comedian and got a lot of gigs. He hiked his price and started earning more money from comedy. This went to his saving automatically, and the income from car sales, a job he still managed to run simultaneously, was used for his day to day upkeep.

Soon, he landed “The Tonight’s show” and began to earn a lot more. Now one would think that he would let go of other jobs and start enjoying his money better. But he continued with the comedy shows and even had to run more than 3 shows in a week at some point.

Other Success Hacks

Another financial practice that Leno had was avoiding debts accumulation on his credit cards. He paid them off monthly and never for once skipped a month.

Jay Leno ensured that he paid off his credit card debt at the end of every month, and he never bought a house until he could afford one

Leno also avoided frivolities until he could well afford them. He never got to live in his own house until he could pay for it all at once with his hard earned money.

Till Date, he is known for his hustle spirit and hard work ethics. He earlier mentioned in an interview that at some point in his career he had to sleep only for 4 hours each day.

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