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Jeff Bezos Explains Why He Used to Drive a Honda Before Becoming a Millionaire

Jeff Bezos is the CEO and owner of Amazon as well as many other organizations. According to Forbes, he is currently the richest man on earth, a status he has owned for many years now. But more interesting about Jeff is that amidst all the riches he has accrued, he is still a modest man, and this can be seen from his collection of cars.

The Founding Of Amazon

When he quitted his occupation to begin amazon 25 years ago, Jeff was only 30 years old, and he reiterates that at that point, all he had was 1987 model of Chevy Blazer car which he used to transport most of the orders and deliveries to the post office. He claims that he did the driving by himself.

Jeff upgraded from his 1987 Chevy Blazer car to a Honda accord

A few years later, the company went public, and Jeff was reported to worth a whopping $12 million. One would expect that he upgrades his vehicle to a more luxurious one, but being the modest man that he is, he upgraded to just a Honda Accord. This made a lot of people become inquisitive, asking why he chose to upgrade and settle for just a Honda. Jeff Bezos who at that time was a proud owner of about $10 billion in Amazon stocks explained that the car is simply a perfect fit for him because it is a very good one.

Jeff Bezos Upgraded From A Honda To Another Honda

Apart from the car, a lot of people were also surprised as to the fact that at that point in time, Amazon still did not have a top location for its business activities. The headquarter that time was said to have the same address as a pawn shop on a street. Also, the front desk of the shop only had bare woods.

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Jeff upgraded his car from a Honda accord to just a slightly better one

To this, Jeff explained that it is intentional, and he was just hell-bent on putting money into the things that mattered to the people he is trying to satisfy, the customers. He said that they are trying as much as possible not to spend money on the things that did not hold any significance.

Surprisingly years after that, around 2003 most Amazon outlets still had the wooden front desk, and even though Jeff Bezos changed his car, he was still riding in a Honda, just a bit better than the previous one.

The Desk Award

Now, about 13 years, the company still holds on to its core, and maintained the front desk in all of its outlets, even after generating about $43.7 billion in revenue which shows how it steadily increases in wealth every year. More hilarious is the fact that Amazon invented an award known as the “desk door award” for workers who have brought ideas to the company, such that they can make more money.

Amazon innovated the desk award for employees who bring ideas that makes the company money

Jeff has really held on to his beliefs that the company will only spend on what matters.

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