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The Secret Home Cardi B and Offset Bought Before They Reconciled

While many of us were caught up in the cheating drama between Grammy Award winner, Cardi B, and her husband, Offset, the two were sneakily meeting behind our backs. Even though Cardi B and Offset met on many occasions after announcing a breakup, the couple hid their private ‘appointments’ from fans who were led on to believe that a divorce between them was inevitable.

The couple, who separated in December 2018, bought two properties in Georgia during their troubled days. They splashed more than $100,000 on their lavish homes. The properties include a $57,696 three-bedroom, and one $48,080 bathroom- houses in Jonesboro. They made their first public appearance after the split at the Grammys, where they displayed affection towards each other.

Let’s talk more about Offset whose new album is ready for release. The album will have songs explaining what happened to the rapper in May 2018. Many of us must have forgotten that Offset had an accident with his Dodge Challenge and ended up in the hospital with minor injuries in May.

Offset and Cardi B got engaged in 2017 at the Power 99’s Powerhouse concert in Philadelphia. Cardi B announced to her fans through a video that she separated from Offset in 2018, but maintained they were good friends. The good news is she wears the expensive engagement ring Offset bought for her after their quarrel.

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