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Take a Look Inside Ellen Pompeo’s Opulent 1930’s-Inspired Mansion

Ellen Pompeo has an old-school taste when it comes to homes which is why she employed interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to transform her Los Angeles’ property into a 1930’s-inspired mansion – and everything about this lavish home screams opulence.

The mansion accommodates the actress and her family. To make the place look classic and old-school in today’s digital age, Pompeo knew that she would need to hunt for the best talent in the interior design industry and that’s when she met Bullard who performed his magic on the property.

Ellen, her husband, Chris Ivery, and their two daughters, Stella Luna and Sienna May have found solace in this 16,000-square-foot Mediterranean-style ancient house that has become a piece of art.  She bought the property in 2009 but instantly knew that it would need some major renovation. Bullard gave the house a makeover that created intimate large spaces and attention the house needed.


The metamorphosis of the property is a Hollywood script that can make anyone’s jaw drop to the floor. When the time came for giving the home a makeover, Pompeo left no corner untouched. There is room for socializing with facilities as a lower-level lounge, and a hammam clad in marbles. The transformation of this ancient house is a state-of-the-art design that can intimidate the houses around it.

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