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These Movie Stars Have Jumped Ship to The Smaller Screen– Find Out The Hefty Salaries Netflix Paid Them to Do So

There’s no doubt about it, Netflix has indeed changed the landscape of the online video streaming business and content production in general. Further proof of this is the platforms recent numerous deals with big movie stars who they’ve convinced to star in various movies for the platform.

Ben Affleck for Triple Frontier

Affleck during a red carpet event for the Netflix film.

Best known for his stint playing Batman, award-winning actor Ben Affleck reportedly received $8 million to star in Netflix’s big-budget thriller adventure film, ‘Triple Frontier‘. With a budget of $115 million, the movie also starred other big names like ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ actor Oscar Isaac and ‘Game of Thrones’ star Pedro Pascal. The film was released last March both on Netflix and in some selected theaters.

Gal Gadot for Red Notice

It seems Affleck is not the only superhero who’s made the jump to Netflix. Gal Gadot, star of the ‘Wonder Woman’ films, has signed on with a reported $20 million contract to co-star in the ‘globe-trotting action heist thriller film’ ‘Red Notice’. Shooting for the film is set to begin next year with ‘We’re the Millers’ director  Rawson Marshall Thurber leading the project.

Dwayne Johnson for Red Notice

Also starring in the aforementioned film is Dwayne Johnson, who has notably worked with Thurber before in films like ‘Central Intelligence’ and ‘Skyscraper’. In the upcoming movie, the former wrestler will play an Interpol agent who’s on the hunt for the world’s most-wanted art thief.

Aside from co-starring in ‘Red Notice’, Johnson will also serve as a producer through his own Seven Bucks Productions. While it’s still unknown how much the actor is going to be paid for the film, sources say that he will receive a larger paycheck for the project than his co-stars.

Will Smith for Bright 2

The actor with his ‘Bright’ co-stars.

Will Smith has also come on board as he signs for a ‘Bright‘ sequel with Netflix. The ‘Aladdin’ actor reportedly ended up with a $35 million contract to reprise his lead role as a veteran Los Angeles Police Department officer in Bright 2 which has begun production in March of this year. Also returning to the project are Australian actor Joel Edgerton and director David Ayer.

Ryan Reynolds for Six Underground & Red Notice

Canadian-American actor Ryan Reynolds is trying his hand at Netflix’s action movie production as he signs on to star in two action flicks for the platform. Together with Gadot and Johnson, Reynolds will appear in ‘Red Notice’. It’s still unclear what role he’ll be playing but he reportedly signed the deal with a salary of $20 million.

His other project is the Michael Bay-directed ‘6 Underground’ for which he got a whopping $27 million for.

Adam Sandler Four-Movie Deal

Sandler in his latest Netflix film ‘Murder Mystery’.

In the end, though, the real winner seems to be comedian Adam Sandler, who’s Happy Madison Productions helmed a four-year contract with the platform for a total of $250 million. One of his recent films is the crime comedy ‘Murder Mystery’ which also stars Jennifer Aniston as Sandler’s wife. In the European romp, the two played an American couple caught amidst the murder of a billionaire.

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